Frequently Asked Questions

About Himland Herbs & Their Products

What Himland Herbs...?

Himland is a Herbal & Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing firm, located in Patran, Patiala (Punjab)

How i get Dealership in our Area..?

Contact on numbers given in website or Email us to get Dealership & Franchise in your Area for our Ayurvedic Medicines & other product

How are Ayurvedic Medicines Prepared ?

At Himland Herbs Mfg. Co. we have our own production facility where we prepare all formulations. All our formulations are Govt. approved and GMP certified. Thus, we adhere by the highest quality standards.

Do Ayurvedic Medicines have any Side-Effects?

All Ayurvedic medicines are natural and safe with no side effects. Certain Ayurvedic medicines do require a physician’s advice.