Stonee (20 Capsules)

It is helpful in non-specific  UTI/urinary Disorders

Swarn Kaya (20 Capsules)

A Natural Blood Purifier, & helpful in acne, Pimples

Himtea Herbal Tea (100gm)

Herbal Tea & Immunity Booster

Noor e Naari Syrup- 200 ml& 450ml

Female Health restorative Tonic

Rucigo Anti Dandruff Hair Oil- 60ml

Anti Dandruff, Reduce Hair Fall

Himfe (20 Capsules)

A Complete Haematinic Capsule with Vitamin C.

Hoov Oil (50 ml)

For Muscular pain, sprains, Joint Pains, and Backache.

So Shine Hair Oil- 100ml

  • Checks loss of hairs
  • For nourishing hair roots and scalp

Madhunee (20 Capsules)

Himtea Herbal Tea (100gm)

Herbal Tea & Boosts Immunity

Himtuss Syrup (100ml)

An effective Ayurvedic Cough Syrup fortified with Honey and Tulsi

Himzyme Syrup (100ml & 200ml)

A Natural digestive, Appetizer, Carminative and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes.

Himliv Syrup(100ml & 200ml)

Tones up metabolism

Himotone (200 ml)

General Tonic Fortified with Shilajeet, Ashwagandha and Brahmi

Himslim (30 Capsules)

It helps to keep fit, reduces the excess quantity of cholesterol & fat contents in the body.

Himjoint (20 Capsules)

Himjoint Capsules is a unique formula that combines the ancients of Indian herbs. Fortified with Guggal, Ras sandoor, and Vat Ganjakush.

Himleu (20 Capsules)

For Leucorrhea and a female tonic

Himliv (20 Capsules)

A Liver Tonic

Gopyle (20 Capsules)

A natural remedy for both bleeding and dry piles.

Raaj E Sehat (20 & 60 Capsules)

A Complete Haematinic Capsule with Vitamin C.

Maha Gold (10 Capsules)

An ideal Herbal Power Capsule contains a blend of quality Herbs and Rasayans fortified with Kesar  Sidhmakardhwaja and Shilajeet.

Maha Gold Tilla (25ml)

For Men only